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What did I eat in Myanmar

In Bangkok, I traveled around with my dorm mates Nicole & Alecky (Kiwi). I was very surprised to learn that Nicole is originally from Myanmar. I had just gotten back from my 2 week trip around the country & it seems most people don't have the opportunity to travel. I was thinking- she must be some rich generals daughter or something! I then became a bit more careful of what I said about Myanmar. Later on I learned that her mother is Thai, her father is Chinese & she grew up in Myanmar. So she speaks Thai, Chinese, English & Burmese. Is that not crazy or what?! So we were chatting in our dorm room, she was like- "So what did you think about the food?". I hesitated "...I think I like Thai food better." We hung out for the next few days. She tells me "You LOVE food & talk about it all the time. How do you stay slim?" I respond "Myanmar!" We both laugh.

Highlights: I stayed at this place called White House Hotel & for their breakfast buffet they were serving this snack called "The golden triangle". Oh man! That was soo good! It was just toast, bananas & brown sugar toasted in a sandwich press. Sooo good. At Inle lake, there's also this sandwich house that serves delicious giant rice cracker with guac. Yummy!!!
Cast of Characters: I was exploring Myanmar by myself & got to meet awesome people along the way.
Logistics/ Links: n/a
When: I went mid-February, 2012
Location: Went to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle, Myanmar
Cost: A meal will probably cost about 1,500 kyat (about $1.80). That includes a ton of side dishes & a mountain of rice or noodles. Breakfast is almost always included. I find a little bit of comfort in having something familiar. It seems like soft drinks are the only thing western in this country. And those cost about 800 kyat (about $1). I ate at small, local restaurants that do not usually cater to tourists. More touristy spots like Bagan & Inle have nicer restaurants with more expensive food.
Trip Report: Yeah...I think I like Thai food better.
I had lunch at this restaurant by the side of the road. I went at around 2-3pm. The food was not really hot. They don't have refrigerators. I thought for sure I was gonna get sick. I didn't. It was good. My meal was less than $2. 

Always so many side dishes.

Folks selling snacks to travelers during our bus stop. It was a circus.

This is what you will see for breakfast every single day. Their breakfast is better than Peru's or Bolivia's though. Peru/ Bolivia only served bread with butter & jam. That was kinda sad.

Lunch with my monk friends. I had some time before my bus departs for Inle so I paid them a visit. I'm glad I did! They are just so nice! Their last meal for the day is at 11am. They get a variety of food from the villagers every day. I love my new monk friends, but I think the food gave me diarrhea (just in time for my overnight bus ride).

Tea after lunch! I felt kinda bad because they finished eating already. I think it was past noon & they told me they do not eat after lunch. So all of these snacks & pastries were laid out just for me. They had some traditional Myanmar tea too! It was good! I love Myanmar. 

Some friendly locals invited me over for breakfast at Inle. I was hanging out by the canal taking pictures & these curious kids wanted to learn more about me. So I went over for breakfast & bought some doughnuts for them. They gave some tea & Shan noodles. I was kinda worried because I have another bus ride, but it turned out alright.

Last day at Yangon. Evelyn was my seat mate on the bus ride from Inle to Yangon. We had the same flight out so we just spent our last day in Myanmar traveling together. There was this tiny little food stand serving some noodles. I think by this point my tummy had attained immunity from every possible diarrhea causing bacteria out there.

I love this! Delicious rice cracker with guac & pineapple smoothie! Mmm!

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