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Yangon market

Markets are always interesting...especially if you're out of things to do. Very close to my hotel (White house), there's a little zeigyo (market). It was pretty small. I asked a lady if I could take her picture. She firmly replied no. Ok! Moving on. I wandered around town a bit more & discovered that if you sat down at a corner, you'll begin to disappear. People won't notice you & you can take as much pictures as you want. Hehe.

Highlights: The grouchy market vendors
Cast of Characters: just me
Logistics/ Links:
When: mid- Feb, 2012.
Location: Block C Thein Gyi market. Wonder what Bogyoke market looks like. I didn't get a chance to see it.
Cost: its free
Trip Report: Meh. Did not think it was too interesting. Why am I even writing a post about this? Hmm.

Spices at a Yangon market

What is this?

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