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No Tarzan swings for me. My first time ziplining

If you want some serious ziplining- go to Costa Rica. We went to Monteverde cloud forest. It was crazy! It was freakin' awesome. This was my first time ziplining. We did the canopy tour & suspended walkways tour.

Highlights: The whole experience was a highlight!
Cast of Characters: Steve, myself, tour crew
Logistics/ Links: We went to Selvatura. Our tour guide from this G adventures trip recommended it. Here's some wikitravel info on Monteverde
When: We went during Christmas break of '08-'09. Perfect weather! It often drizzles in Costa Rica so a rain shell would be handy.
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Cost: I think the suspended bridge canopy trails through the cloud forest + the zipline experience is about $45.
Trip Report: I didn't really know what to expect. We were briefed on safety before we started. I thought it was just gonna be 1 or 2 ziplines. Turns out its a whole series of ziplines. You get onto these platforms & you zipline from one mountain treetop to the next. There's at least 15 ziplines. It was exhilirating! Just sliding down from the crazy height! It wasn't super steep like a roller coaster drop or anything. It was very nice. We were walking towards the end of the trail when we heard this loud scream pierce the forest. I immediately thought- whatever that is- I'm not doing it! We finally approached the source & found the Tarzan swing.


Yep, this is the Tarzan swing. There's a cable attached to the branch of this tree to the right of the image. You're standing on this high platform & they push you off the ledge. Eeeep!!!

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