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Celebrating Mother's day at Taquile Island

Taquile island is located in Lake Titicaca (between Peru & Bolivia) off of Puno. Its a pretty popular tourist destination since you're gonna be passing by anyway. Lake Titicaca has such unique culture with Uros floating reed islands & this place. I had just finished the Inca trail & was really looking forward to just relaxing. Ahhh...a boat tour- perfect! And then the guide tells us there's a short hike, argh!!!

Highlights: The locals of Taquile have weekly gatherings at the plaza. I was lucky enough to chance upon their mothers day celebration.
Cast of Characters: Just me. I joined a tour.
Logistics/ Links: Its easy enough to book a tour to explore Lake Titicaca from Puno. I booked my trips the night before, no problem. wikitravel, wiki
When: I went in May 2012. Perfect weather!
Location: Lake Titicaca, Peru. Its about 2+ hour boat ride from Puno. We went here after our Uros floating island tour.
Cost: $16 for the whole day boat tour + $8 lunch
Trip Report: The hike was actually not bad. I still get winded pretty quickly because of the high altitude. The lady who sold me the tour said there's a part where there's about 500+ steps to descend. Our tour started off with a hike lasting about 45mins-1hr. It was a really beautiful hike. The landscape with the animals grazing, quiet villagers walking about & the blue water beyond is gorgeous. We never encountered 500+ steps too, so that's good. We got to the town plaza, explored the area & took pictures like crazy. We watched their mother's day event for about 30-45mins. Our guide walked us around the island & explained their culture & livelihood. Afterwards we proceeded to one of the homes for lunch. Their tourism is managed pretty well to conserve their culture & also to fairly distribute the income to the locals. After our lunch, we walked downhill a bit more to the boat dock. We hopped into our boat for another relaxing ride back to Puno.

Our guide says these indicate ownership of different parts of the island.

Sheep grazing

We had lunch at one of the homes & they put on a little performance which was nice. We had trout. Again. Of course.

Young man & woman at Taquile island town plaza

Trail at Taquile island

I was getting my photo taken was this kid rushed up to join in. I think he wanted some tip but I didn't have any change. Oh well.

Women gathered at the plaza for Mother's day

Youngsters giving speeches

Townsfolk gathering for the event

Isla Taquile, Lago Titicaca, Peru
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Me at Taquile Island- yeeey!

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