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Classic La Paz

I like wild La Paz, but classic La Paz is also a beauty. We stayed at the tourist area (by San Francisco church). There's plenty of shops, restaurants & activity around. When we got back from Parque Laikakota, it was pretty dark already. The plaza was just jam packed with people! There was a huge art event & the line circled around the entire place. There were artists, sculptors creating masterpieces on the spot. It was awesome. There's some live music that no one was paying attention to, there were human sized zebras walking around. We walked around & people watched.

Highlights: The art event was interesting. I kinda wish we had fallen in line for the exhibit. La Paz has some nice architecture, exotic markets & lively events. The city views are just fantastic!
Cast of Characters: me & Kazuo
Logistics/ Links: n/a
When: May, 2012. It was cold. But then again I think its always cold in La Paz (with their high elevation and all)
Location:  La Paz, Bolivia
Cost: I like cities where the attractions are all so close. You won't need to spend on transportation. I spent about $45/day in Bolivia (no airfare). I was only in the country for about a week though.
Trip Report:  This is definitely gonna be one of my favorite cities in the world. One of the reasons why people like Disneyland is that just walking around the place is already an attraction in itself. La Paz is that way (also Hanoi old quarters). Anyway, I actually prefer this city over Lima & Cusco. Arequipa is also nice. Puno is kinda dumpy. Copacabana seems to be just a sad little transit point. A lot of people prefer Bolivia because it costs half as much as Peru. La Paz is a lively city. I think 2-3 days would be a good amount of time to explore it & the activities available. 

Streets of La Paz, Bolivia

Streets of La Paz, Bolivia

Man selling kids toys at Plaza Murillo. This plaza is beautiful (& busy).

Kazuo in La Paz. I kinda wish we had the Cusco stone walls behind him. That would have been awesome!
We were walking aroung Parque Laikakota & a group of performers were practicing. Very cool!

Lol! This kid was hoping pigeons would land on him for food!

Kazuo conquers the slide. The park had a little playground with this massive slide. We had to try it at least once. I cannot even remember the last time I've been on a slide. It was fun!

Sunset over La Paz valley. It was nice seeing the city lights come alive

I love these snow peaked mountains! Isn't this just so dramatic & pretty?

Night life at La Paz. There were very talented artists creating masterpieces right on the spot. It was amazing. They're very good work too. Its pretty cool how they seem to always have cultural events going on.

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