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Did you say gold?! A quick run through Qorikancha in Cusco

One of the most significant temples in the ancient Incan culture was Qorikancha. Why? It was reported to be covered in solid freakin' gold! When Spain was colonizing half the globe (around the 15th century) they stumbled upon the fantastic golden sun temple of Qorikancha. Of course the conquistadors ended up taking all the gold & to add insult to the injury- built a Catholic church (Sto. Domingo) over the Inca's destroyed, pagan temple. I'm just glad they did not find Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, all of Machu Picchu's artifacts are taken by America's Yale University. First Spain, now US (sounds familiar...). Yale funded Hiram Bingham's expedition that's why they have it. After much protest from Peruvians, about ~100 of the artifacts were recently returned. Peruvians are still (rightfully) angry over the thousands of other artifacts still at Yale. Anyway, I explored Qorikancha/ Sto. Domingo church on my 2nd day in Cusco. Love those stone walls.
Highlights: The sacred gardens has a beautiful view of Cusco valley. I wish I had a guide to explain all the meaning behind the Incan structure. Unfortunately, we'll have to do our own research.
Cast of Characters: just me
Logistics/ Links:
When: I went in May, 2012. Good weather in Peru & Bolivia. It can get very cold at night but its pleasant during the day.
Location: Sto. Domingo church/ Qorikancha is located in Cusco, Peru
Cost: ~$4 entrance fee
Trip Report: It was pretty interesting to walk around the place. If you can get a guided tour, it will be well worth it. Make sure you take some time to walk around the little garden area.

Sto Domingo church along Avenue El Sol, Cusco Peru

Incan architecture

Qorikancha gardens

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