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Small town of Chivay at Colca Canyon, Peru

One of the stops of our Colca Canyon day tour is the small town of Chivay. It is beautiful how the local ladies here are dressed. Their outfits are very elaborate & their fancy hats are unique to their people. We had lunch at a restaurant. After lunch, our guide shooed us away, encouraging us to explore the town & marketplace. After maybe 30mins or something, my guide just suddenly showed up beside me panting & all out of breath. Turns out our van was ready to go & they were just waiting for me! Ooops! Sorry! He didn't say anything about a meetup time, I didn't know!

Highlights: Colca Sour. It was pretty good. I actually did not get to try Pisco Sour! Gasp! 3 weeks in Peru & no Pisco Sour! Yes folks, its true. No cuy too.
Cast of Characters: I joined a tour. Most were Spanish speaking tourists. There was 1 American guy who I was able to chat with.
When: May, 2012. Great time to go.
Location: Chivay, Peru. Colca Canyon is about 2-3 hrs away from Arequipa
Cost: $20 for Colca Canyon day tour, $10 for lunch, $28 for Colca area tourist fee
Trip Report: They need to pay more attention to how those hot springs look. I think there was 1 guy who went for a dip in our whole group. If it looked a bit better, I think they would have more success. Chivay was ok, lots of character. We stopped by some more sights on our way home- a viewpoint for volcanoes & a llama farm.

First stop of the day: tourist ticket counter. Its pretty expensive to explore Colca. $28 for the entrance fee
Church at Chivay. If a church has 1 steeple that means their patron saint is a male, if there's 2- female.
Peruvians looove ice cream. Its soo cold & they still eat ice cream!
Entrance area to the hot springs at Colca Canyon

We did not go swimming

Some weird statue. What is he supposed to be?

Beautiful dresses of the local ladies

Little Chivay kid

Ladies posing for pictures for tips

Different types of grain at the local market

K-Pop is everywhere.

Lady knitting. People here love to knit. Everywhere you look there is someone knitting! Kind of reminds me of how there's people drinking tea everywhere in Egypt.
There's a condor on my head. Ohhh! That llama is sooo fluffy!

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