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Wandering around the White City of Arequipa

Arequipa is everybody's favorite city in Peru. Cusco is way too touristy. Lima is a massive urban sprawl without much character. Arequipa is a world heritage site, nuff said. The colonial buildings are made of sillar (pale volcanic rock). This material is used extensively & created this beautiful white city. My first day in Arequipa, I was mostly walking around & booking my Colca Canyon tour & my bus ride to Lima. On my third & last day, I just wandered around the place while waiting for my bus. It is purty!

Highlights: The architecture is amazing! The buildings are nice, the architectural details are awesome, the courtyards are cool!
Cast of Characters: Just me again. My friend Kazuo & I parted ways in La Paz. He had a flight back to Japan. I always prefer to travel with people so I was sad to see him go. Mel flaked out on me! Ggrr!
Logistics/ Links: wikitravel
When: I went in May, 2012. Soo beautiful. I was so glad to have descended from the higher altitude regions of Puno & La Paz (only to end up ascending again for Colca Canyon!)
Location: Arequipa, Peru
Cost: Its free to walk around. I only went to see Catalina monastery & Museo Andina. I love architecture so I highly recommend Catalina. Museo Andino was ok, I think you can skip it. The National Geographic video they showed was pretty much the essence of the museum. The mummy inside was not worth it. 
Trip Report: Arequipa is beautiful!!! As soon as you step in the historical touristy area, you'll immediately know why it was designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Spend at least 2 days doing just city exploration. Ditch your map & just get lost in the white city. Its nice.


Me in Arequipa. Yey!

This is the best room I've stayed in during my trip. It was at Pirwa's in Arequipa (aka Posada Parque hotel). Hardly any people in the place. They had iPod speakers & an excellent view outside.

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