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Wild La Paz

I like La Paz. It's small, walkable & chaotic. Sort of reminds me of Hanoi. The place has a lot of character. I spent 1 day exploring La Paz before heading out to Uyuni. On my way back, I had one more day in La Paz before going to Arequipa. 

Highlights: It was nice seeing the sun go down over the valley (that was an excellent idea Kazuo). You can head out to Laikacota Park (Mirador Laikacota). There's a small park where you can get a great view of the valley.
Cast of Characters: I spent the first day in La Paz by myself. I met Kazuo from Japan in Salar de Uyuni. We had the same itinerary & ended up exploring La Paz together. It was lots of fun.
Logistics/ Links: here's a little wiki
When: I traveled around Bolivia in May, 2012
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Cost: I spent about $45/ day in Bolivia (including the expensive visa)
Trip Report: La Paz city is at about 4,500m in elevation. I got winded pretty quickly while walking around the place. We checked out the witch market, coca museum, plazas, churches & the viewpoint area. Walking around the place can easily take the whole day. Dress in layers! I found La Paz to be pretty safe, don't display your valuables if you're going though. I was talking to other travelers who also went to La Paz. They said there were demonstrations & strikes when they were there. We were lucky we only saw music & art festivals, haha!
I think this says "Thieves will burn" or something like that.

Look! Its an Evo Morales landscaping!

Che Guevarra everywhere

streets of La Paz

Free Palestine!

Some city graffiti

They like communists

Homeless man in La Paz

Kazuo doing the great empanada challenge. I tried their empanadas later on. I didn't like it. You should try Philippine empanadas, now those are awesome!

La Paz cityscape

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