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Myanmar 2 week travel expenses

Here's a detailed list of my budget/ expenses for a 17 day trip to Myanmar.

Highlights: Myanmar costs about the same as Philippines I think. You can get by with around $35 per day.
Cast of Characters: Mostly traveled solo. I found Myanmar solo-traveler friendly.
Logistics/ Links: See Myanmar blog posts
When: February, 2012
Location: Myanmar, Asia
Cost: Detailed expenses- 17 day budget in Myanmar
Trip Report: They are super strict with the condition of your US dollars in Myanmar. Most locals in Myanmar have their dollars exchanged at banks. There's a lot of street changers who can give you a higher rate. I just did not feel too comfortable exchanging wads of cash on the streets where somebody can easily grab the money & run (even if Burma is one of the least likely places for this to happen).

I stayed at Silom, Bangkok for a few days to arrange my tourist visa for Myanmar.  Myanmar embassy location.

Total expenses for 17 days: $573.00
Budget per day: $35.00

Transportation: $128 (22%)
Food: $74 (12%)
Accommodation: $160 (28%)
Activities: $70 (13%)
Misc: $85 (15%)
Tours: $57 (10%)

Getting pristine US dollar bills for Myanmar:
- Not in US- I tried to get pristine bills in US & the local banks tried to help unsuccessfully
- Banks at Silom, Bangkok, Thailand- I went to visit almost all small banks at Silom area, they could not help with getting pristine US bills. There's a chance you can get some at major banks but that depends on availability
- Best place is at Superrich. They can exchange your baht into perfect US dollar bills. I had dollars & I ended up needing to change them into baht before getting them changed into perfect dollar bills again (argh).

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