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Finally set foot on Europe for the first time

As soon as I got into Dusseldorf airport, the silence struck me. Where’s all the PA announcements?! I was expecting the nightmarish immigration control, but lo & behold there were no lines, no roving security with their K9, no people speaking loud & slow about how you need to speak German. Hehe. I still need to download the basic phrases though. I don't know why I'm comparing Europe to US. I was expecting Europe (esp Germany) to be a bit more sterile. I hopped on the trains & passed by the cities & the countryside to Bacharach. I think Germany is gonna be awesome. I’m gonna try to OD on epic castles & old towns.
Highlights: Getting upgraded to a private room/bath at a castle hostel! 

Cast of Characters: Just me. I always wish I have fellow travelers with me. Unfortunately, I just finalized my travel plans to come here less than 3 weeks ago. It gets lonely. Some people say its sad when you’re traveling by yourself. I think its even sadder if you miss out on things just because you keep waiting on everybody else. 
Logistics/ Links: The place I’m staying at is called Burg Stahleck Youth hostel. Its a very cool castle. There’s fantastic views of the Rhine. Great start for my Eurotrip! I’m actually gonna be staying at ‘cheap’ hostels everywhere. People suggested couchsurfing but I’m not too comfy with the idea. Burg Stahleck website. Wiki on the castle 
When: Aug 24, 2012. Its a bit cloudy, weather is nice though. I’m so glad I hand carried my jacket. Air Berlin was freakin freezing! 
Location: Bacharach, Rhine Valley, Germany 
Cost: I went to their website- it says the rate is like 20 EU/ night. When I got here, they were all booked out so they ended up giving me a private room with bathroom for 25 EU/ night. I was a bit confused because they told me it was the same price. Hm. And then you add the extra 3.10 EU for the Hostelling International membership card (HI Hostels). So it came out to 28.60 EU/ night or $36.06/ night. It was definitely expensive considering I was expecting a dorm bed price. But its relatively cheap because its almost impossible to find a private room for that price. 
Trip Report: Mamuchi took me to the airport. We hugged, said our goodbyes. I went inside to check-in & suddenly realized I forgot my scarf & sweater in her car! Argh! Great. Mamuchi is awesome she came all the way back out to the airport to bring them to me. Love you Mamu!
My wardrobe planning is flawless. As soon as I got here I realize I’m dressed just like everybody else, except for the part where I was the only non-white person around for miles- I can totally blend in, lol. This is one place where I definitely stand out as a tourist. After the 10 hr direct flight, I hopped on the train to Bacharach.
Bacharach is beautiful! When I got off into the train station I looked around a little bewildered. Where is everybody?! It wasn’t a full fledged train station with info kiosks & staff working. It was more like a little abandoned shed. The town is gorgeous though. Its very quaint. There’s soo few people around. There is traditional style architecture all around. There’s little creeks flowing under cute little bridges. This town is a lovely base to explore the Rhine. Rick Steve’s was right. I have to say- Lonely Planet has conquered other parts of the world but Rick Steve’s definitely has a hold on Europe. My shoestring for Europe LP guide is not great.
I walked around with my backpack trying to look for the castle hostel. I asked somebody & they pointed up at a castle on a mountaintop. There is a hike to get to the hostel, make sure you ask directions. I got Inca trail flashbacks from the hike. The hike to the hostel was manageable though. The ‘Youth’ hostel attracts people of all ages. I booked in advance, because I learned in Europe if you don’t reserve you’re not gonna get the place or price you want for accom. It’s so popular here, places sell out quick.
I think that’s my window over there.


  1. Never lonely when beauty is around you. Enjoy Europe! !

    1. Steph05:45

      Thank you!!! I love your blog!!! =)


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