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6 PG things to do in Angeles City

I haven't been back to Angeles City in a while. I feel like I'm seeing my home town with a new perspective- a bored tourist. Lol. Angeles City is ground zero for sex tourism in the Philippines, but what is there to do for normal people? If you have like 3 hours to burn, here are 6 cheap things to do all easy walking distance from one another.

Highlights: Hey at least you have something to do for a few hours.
Cast of Characters: n/a
Logistics/ Links: Angeles City landmarks
When: You can check out any of these year round
Location: 'Downtown' Angeles City
Cost: dirt cheap!
Trip Report:  Angeles City (the clean side) is not really a tourist town, the historical landmarks promoted on most websites are not really open to public unless you join a tour. 
Not open to public:
- Old Pamintuan mansion
- Bale Matua
- Bale Herencia

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6 things to do:
1) Sto. Rosario church.  
I guess you can start with the church since its RIGHT THERE. Its large, imposing, very hard to miss. Built in the late 1800's by slave labor, its big inside. There are not too many grand architectural historical treasures in the city, this is probably the only one. Its free to explore. Its best to experience the life & energy of the place on Sundays. Its definitely a more interesting experience during religious holidays. When going on just any other day, you can prolly finish exploring the place in 15 minutes.

2) Center for Kapampangan studies (inside Holy Angel University)
This place is pretty interesting. I learned a lot about my Kapampangan heritage from a quick visit. There is a library (where students sneak off to, to watch DVDs on their laptops) & the museum which has photos, scaled models, artifacts. This place is definitely worth it. The museum is towards the back of the school. Minimum time for this place would probably be like 20 mins. Its free to get in, you just need to leave an ID at the university gate.

3) Museo ning Angeles (across the church)
I found the Kapampangan museum to be a bit more interesting than this one. They have some interesting photographs. Not really too much going on at the second floor. Still pretty good to pick up the history of Angeles City. I believe its 'free' but donations are appreciated. I put in Php50 in the donation box. It probably takes about 20mins min to see the place.

4) Camalig restaurant
Have you ever tried Filipino style pizza? No? Its good! Sample it out at this historical building. Its actually been a while since I have been. Not really sure how it is now, but before it was quite nice to soak up the ancient feel of the interior. They have live music during evenings. Food is inexpensive as its a casual dining type of place. Actually, everywhere in Angeles city is a casual dining type of place.

5) Get a 1 hour full body massage for less than $10 at the small shops in Nepo mall. 
There's sooo many salons & spas popping up all over the city that the prices are very, very appealing. Nepo mall is just an escalator ride from Camalig (a.k.a. Armando's restaurant). There's some small spas tucked away in the mall. 

6) Wander around the local market. 
If you have energy left & don't mind all the dirt & smells, take a walk around the local market. Its very interesting. Like 'see frogs getting dissected in 5 seconds' kind of interesting. There's not really any defined boundaries for the marketplace. People just set up their merchandise wherever they want. Be careful with your belongings. See map for approximate area.

And of course, not to miss- hanging out with cool Angelenos!

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