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Epic castle adventure to the real Disneyland

What do you get when you combine a gay king, lots of swans & wild imagination? The Neuschwanstein castle of course! The place was built around 150 years ago by Ludwig II when Bavaria was yet to be a part of Germany.  I did not realize the whole unified country of Germany is only about 150 yrs old. I guess Philippines is even younger, only about 70 years old (fully sovereign). Wow, the modern world as we know it feels pretty young. Anyway, Neuschwanstein was a blast! There's a corridor made to look like a cave! How awesome is that?!

Highlights: Biking around the countryside was amazing. The interior tour was also great! And the views from the bridge.
Cast of Characters: I joined a tour so there were about 20 of us or something. Mostly Americans.
Logistics/ Links: Mike's Bike tours was fantastic! Our tour guide Brad was great!
Location: South of Germany. About 2 hours bus ride from Munich.
When: I went around end of August, 2012. It was raining. The weather was poopy. I heard it always rains there though.
Cost: 49 Euros for the whole day tour. I paid about $65. Lunch was about 5 eu/ $6ish. Tips for the guide also (min of 2 euro). If you're not doing the short hike, the bus ride to the top costs about 1.80 euro.
Trip Report: Awesome tour! We learned all about the juicy, scandalous history of the castle. The bike ride was great! I was told the hike is the tour highlight. It was raining & I just did a previous hike to the Burg eltz castle so I skipped this one. There was a bike ride, an opportunity to go swimming in a beautiful lake, a hike & the castle interior tour.

Inside the castle was amazing! In the Philippines, people have this notion that if you're gay- you're automatically blessed with flawless design & fashion skills. The finished portion of the interiors was beautifully exaggerated in every way. The corridors are lined with chandeliers fashioned to look like crowns, there's a bed that is exquisitely carved from wood & took 4 years to make, there's the cave corridor just because the king felt like it. The walls are painted with scenes from operas. Its beautiful! It was very cool activity.

After living in Las Vegas for a few years, I realized Las Vegas is like a mini fake version of Europe. Excalibur hotel seems to have been designed after Neuschwanstein. The strip is pretty much a mini Italy. Anyway, I highly recommend the tour.

Biking around the Bavarian countryside. It was a very easy bike ride, mostly flat all the way.
Alpine lake. I think its actually called Swan lake. Not 'the' Swan lake' though.

More bike ride pics. Neuschwanstein castle beyond. Every 60 yrs they clean off the mold. Just my luck they were fixing it on our visit. The view is still fantastic from the bridge though.

Pretzels & sausages everywhere in Germany

Our group split up. One group (me included) skipped the hike & just took the bus to the top. It was raining heavily when we were dropped off. There was a fork on the road & one path led to the Marienbrucke bridge. The other path led to the castle. We opted for the Marienbrucke bridge first & took pictures of the castle.

Pic from the bridge. It looks far but its a pretty short walk.

View of waterfall from the bridge. Stunning views all around!

View of castle from bridge

This is where King Ludwig II grew up. We're thinking the mom is the reason why King Ludwig II & his brother were nuts. This was on our way to Neuschwanstein castle.

Beautiful castle exterior

Gorgeous lakes around the castle

The real Disneyland

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