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Getting to Sagada from Baguio

This bus ride is a milestone on my travel history. This is where my friends bid me goodbye & I set off on my first journey alone. I was completely nervous. I think that is the most nerve wrecking part of traveling alone for me- Am I going to the right place? Did I even board the right bus? When am I getting there? I need to pee. This guys seat is reclined all the way to my face. How do I know when I'm there? Arriving at a completely new location & having no idea where anything is or how things work makes my stomach churn. Anyway, things work out fine. Its all good. 

Highlights: Leaving the polluted smog of Baguio.
Cast of Characters: n/a
Logistics/ Links: Dangwa terminal in Baguio; GoBaguio useful site
When: I took this road November, 2011
Location: Baguio to Sagada
Public bus from Angeles City to Baguio- Php300/ $7.20 (about 5 hrs travel time). Non- airconditioned bus. Bring a light or med weight fleece jacket for all bus rides in the Philippines.
Public bus from Baguio to Sagada- Php220/ $5.28 (about 7 hrs travel time). I took the last bus at 1pm & I got to Sagada at 7pm.
Trip Report: This was the freakiest bus drop off point I have ever encountered in my travels so far. Sagada is a verrry quiet small town. I'm used to being offered hotel/ transport options shoved in my face before I even get off the bus. When I got to Sagada it was dark outside, everybody vanished as soon as they got off the bus. I was the only tourist in sight. I could literally hear crickets, it was soo quiet. Eeek!!! What to do?! What to do?! I went to the nearest store & just asked around for accommodation options. Luckily, the town is small enough to cover on foot. Its just so freakin dark I can't get my bearings. I eventually found a nice little room at Sagada Guesthouse Inn which is just 2 minutes from the bus drop off point. Rooms were very cheap (Php250/ $6). I breathed a sigh of relief & vowed not to travel at night (I've broken this rule so many times already).

I think its safe to say this is the town center. Sagada is small. Where the jeepneys are lined up is the approximate location of where the bus drops off passengers. Those jeeps also go to Banaue, Bontoc etc.
The bus ride was pleasant. I sat next to this man who was so serious & spoke so briefly. Turns out he was a cop stationed at Sagada. He totally exuded the stern cop vibe.  I think we had 1 or 2 bathroom breaks. The road was fine, paved all the way. I saw some local mountaineers that looked like they were in the wild for a few days. I usually get motion sickness from winding roads. I don't remember having problems on this trip. I take medicine just in case. Overall pretty uneventful.

The bus from Clark actually arrived in Baguio at a different bus terminal. We had to ask around where to go for the buses to Sagada. Locals pointed us to Dangwa terminal. I was with my friends so we just split a taxi to get there. It might be walkable if your pack is not too heavy. Do check where your bus to Baguio stops so you can figure out if you need to spend on a cab. Locals don't like walk in the sun & will most likely tell you to take a cab. 
Last bus leaves 1pm
Streets of Sagada. Its soo quiet
I seriously had no idea Poinsettia plants grew to tree size.
 Enjoy your Sagada adventure!

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