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Philippine cuisine

After traveling a little bit around the Philippines, I can finally confirm the stereotype that Pampanga has the best food in the country. Pinoy food is definitely an acquired taste. You pretty much have to know some foodie locals to get in on whats delicious. Its a hit & miss with cheap local turo-turo (cafeterias). Actually, ok- its always a miss. But its cheap, local food. Gatherings with friends or family always offer superb food. Here are some of the highlights...

Highlights: Gaaah! Soo many delicious options! I have many favorites. If you're going to the Philippines, do try something other than pancit & lumpia.
Cast of Characters: n/a
When: n/a
Location: All in Pampanga of course! I can recommend these 2 restaurants. Man, I should get paid for this!
- I tried Binulo (close to Clark airport). It is very delicious food indeed!!! Try anything, its all good.
- Apag Marangle (2 branches- there's one at Bacolor, Pampanga & another one at Marquee mall). The marquee mall one is easier to get to. There's a shuttle service that can take you there from Clark airport.
Cost: Fairly inexpensive for a nice, quality meal. I think a very filling meal will probably cost you about ~Php350/$7-8.
Trip Report:  I have a friend who has been living outside the Philippines for a few years. She told me she went home & did not find the food appetizing. I think she just went to the wrong places. I have lived outside the country for a while & tried food at various countries & I do think the local food (when done right) is awesome!

Street food is generally not that great. Except for fresh fruits & corn & those sugary banana treats, these places are not the best.

Sooo goood!!!!

Local pastries.

Local milkshakes

Food at fight night with my family. The best food ever!

Breakfast of torta (ground beef with veggies), dinuguan (cooked blood soup with pork organs- hahaha!), pandesal (delicious traditional breakfast bread) & tsokolate  batirol (peanut buttery hot chocolate). Heaven!

You must try Crispy pata!!!

I actually don't like this too much

Try out the local ice cream flavors such as mango, ube, pandan, etc...

Purple yam thingy. Popular during Christmas season

Pinakbet. Veggies sauteed with shrimp paste


At Apag marangle with the fam

Halo-halo!!! Good iced desert for the hot tropical climate

Local kapampangan cuisine....

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