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Inexpensive places to stay in Germany

Here's a list of (relatively) inexpensive places to stay in Germany. 

Meininger Hostel/ Hotel. Munich, Germany
Location: Munich, Germany
Logistics/ Links:
Trip Report: Cannot recommend. This is a big facility. It seems to always be fully booked. There's a supposedly very good brewery right across the street from it. If the website shows them full- do email or call to double check. Interesting in Munich, they are pretty strict with their age restrictions at hostels. Youth hostels don't accept people over 26 or something. Since I'm old(sigh),  I just booked it here.

You get free breakfast & 24 hr wifi included. The only downside is they are really, really busy. The drain was super clogged in our private shower (shared by 8 people). I just told the maintenance staff about it & they fixed it. I heard some people complain about how they booked for a specific number of people per room & they were put in a much larger dorm.

There was an incident I found very annoying. It was 3am & there were some guests coming in who had an issue, the staff came in the room with them & just woke everybody up to confirm our bed position. Its 3 am & they were just unapologetically waking people up. Not cool.

Rhine Valley, Germany
Location: Stay at a castle in Bacharach, Rhine Valley (southwest Germany).
Logistics/ Links: 
2013 prices. Half board means there's dinner. Full board means all meals included. Keep in mind they charge extra if you're not a Hostelling International member (HI Hostels).
B&B from 20.50 €
half board from 28.00 €
full board from 31.00 €
Trip Report: Highly recommended! I was looking online at their availability & it shows they're fully booked. Make sure you send them an email because that's what I did & they ended up having space for me (my own room! hehe). It was small, but that's alright. It was still awesome. Breakfast in Germany is pretty good. You get cold cut meats, bread, veggies, fruits, cereal, yogurt, coffee etc.

Make sure you book in advance. It's a bit of a hike to get to the place. As you get into Bacharach, its the castle on the hill. They do not have age restrictions.

Romantic Road, Germany
Location: Rothenburg Youth Hostel
Logistics/ Links:

Trip Report: Highly recommended! No age restrictions as well. This is also a great place to stay. Pretty good breakfast. You stay in a very interesting historical building. Beware: you will get lost getting here. As you come in from the train station, you enter the magical looking medieval walls. You pretty much turn left & just walk along the wall & just ask for directions. Good luck!

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