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Inexpensive places to stay in Switzerland

Relatively inexpensive places to stay in Switzerland. 

Location: Twins Minbak Hostel. Lucerne, SwitzerlandLogistics/ Links:
Trip Report: Recommended. The place is nice. Its located inside an office building of some sort. Very nice, helpful staff. Good location. Free coffee, tea. There's cooking facilities. The bathroom could be cleaner. The room is nice & spacious. Its a Korean owned hostel.

Location: Hostel Glocke, Bern, Switzerland.
Logistics/ Links:
Trip Report: Recommended. Place is very good. Nice lobby. Cooking facilities. Clean. I don't think they want you hanging out after you're supposed to have checked out though. Not even in the lobby. Saw someone get booted out. Its a nice place though. 

Location: Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof, Interlaken, Switzerland.

Logistics/ Links:


Trip Report: Highly Recommended. This place is hostel heaven. They have this nice garden, nice lobby, complete facilities, free cappuccino. Siigh! I love this place! I recommend you try to do activities on your own though. There's a small fee for booking tours with them. Overall, I would come back here. It's an excellent base (also Lauterbrunnen but I didn't stay there).

Location: Mountain hostel, Gimmelwald, Switzerland.

Logistics/ Links:

Cost: 28 Swiss francs per night

Trip Report: Recommended. It's a fantastic location for a good price. I'm not too happy about how you have to pay for the shower & wifi though. There's only 3 showers for the whole hostel, the coins make you shower quicker. I don't like it. It's weird. Also, no free wifi. Boo. The hostel has a restaurant, the best seats outside are meant for restaurant guests only. Hm. It's a great, relaxing location though.

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