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One of the cutest towns on Earth: the medieval town of Rothenburg

Germany is just littered with picturesque, quaint, postcard looking towns. Rothenburg is probably the climax of how cute these towns can get. It was hailed by the Nazis as the "most German of German towns". The town dates back to something like 1000 years ago. If you have just one day for the Romantic road, just skip all the other places & go here. Its soo cuuute!

Highlights: Just walking around the place is a highlight.
Cast of Characters: Mostly wandered around on my own. I did bump into a group of Filipinos who migrated to Germany.
Logistics/ Links: tourist website; wikitravel
Location: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Romantic Rd, Germany
When: I went late August, 2012. This place is charming all year round though. Even winter. It doubles as a Christmas town. The weather was just right when I went
Cost: Maybe about $75/day
Trip Report: Rothenburg is a walled city that sits on a hill. The whole place makes you feel like you stepped back in time. Its an  awesome experience walking around its medieval walls. As soon as you walk into the gates of the city, you'll feel like you entered the surreal world that inspired Disneyland. There's only about 11K residents but the place gets something like 2 million tourists a year! I think this place & Neucshwanstein castle are the top highlights of my Germany trip. I didn't go to Berlin, fyi.

Town center. There's plenty of tourists around. You'll also see some locals sometimes wearing traditional dress when there's a special occasion going on. I love this place. I checked out the medieval dungeons & prison. Torturers have limitless imagination when it comes to their contraptions.
Treats I should probably avoid
There's a Christmas shop open in the summer. Actually there was quite a few of them. I saw a couple of photos of the place covered in snow during winter. It still looks charming!

Free water refill at plaza fountains

Mandatory flower boxes for every home. I don't know how they do it. Is it legally required? How much do they spend on flower boxes per year I wonder.

Rothenburg streetscape. My "I was here" pic.

Wishing well!

Lovely wedding ceremony

Local German lady giving me a "Wtf is she taking pictures of?!" look.

Traditional German architecture
My new Filipina friends!
Rothenburg townscape. This is the view from the park at the edge of the city. Everything looks great considering its like 700-800 yrs old

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