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One of the most scenic walks of my whole life: Majestic landscape from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg

I waited a few days for the weather to clear out before doing outdoor activities in Switzerland. Switzerland has stunning natural scenery. One of the best in the world, but if the weather sucks- you may as well just be in Utah or something (Utah is amazing, but not insanely expensive like Switzerland). Its just very hard to appreciate the value of the place when you can't really see anything because of the fog, clouds, rain etc. Anyway, this is the most beautiful, short walk I have ever done in my life!

Highlights: Very Swiss feel of the villages, magnificent valley with a series of cascading waterfalls, alpine mountains, fresh, stunning landscape. Very refreshing & nice!!!
Cast of Characters: moi
Logistics/ Links: wikitravelCamping Jungfrau
Location: The 1.5 hr walk starts from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg with a short stop at Trummelbach falls. From Trummelbach falls I continued by taking a bus to Stechelberg for the cable car that takes you to the top.
When: I went early September, 2012. The weather was great! All I needed was a t-shirt & shorts! For the top of Schilthorn though I think you need at least a fleece jacket.
RT train Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen: $14.40
bus from Trummelbach falls to Schilthorn cable car: $3.00
Trummelbach falls: $11.00
bus from Schilthorn cable car to Lauterbrunnen: $4.20
cable car from Stechelberg to Shilthorn summit: $57.20 (with the 40% discount coupon)

Trip Report: I wish I spent a few days camping at Lauterbrunnen. Its the perfect place for camping, picnics, walks, hikes. Its a better base than Interlaken if you want to go up the mountains because you skip the extra Interlaken- Lauterbrunnen train ride. Interlaken is a good base for exploring the lakes (laken) & other small towns though. From Lauterbrunnen you can go to Jungfraujoch (pronounced 'Yoong-Fro-Yolk'), Schilthorn, Gimmelwald, Grindelwald, Murren etc.The walk is perfect for everybody- elderly & small children included. A lot of people biked the path. That would have been nice also if you get bored easily, but the walk is super easy & gorgeous!!!!
Anyway, I made sure to stop by the Trummelbach falls on my way to Stechelberg. I recommend camping & making sure you are picnic ready at all times when exploring the area. I saw some folks having picnics at the top of Schilthorn- excellent idea! 

Beautiful mountains with a series of 72 cascading waterfalls on their sides! It reminds me of those fantasy worlds in video games!

Start of walk. There are some homes & a campsite nestled in the valley. Super awesome!

The tiny dots in the sky are insane base jumpers. I heard somebody died while I was there. Only recommended for people ready to die.
Beautiful landscape!!!


Picture perfect landscape of Lauterbrunnen

I wish I came prepared to have picnics everywhere. It is too beautiful!!

Make sure you don't overexpose when taking pictures! Enjoy!


  1. what a scenic destination! love love your photos! esp the snow-peaked mountains at the background.

    1. The place is fantastic! =D


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